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Iron Will!

We hope you'll watch and enjoy the great many takeaways from this film. There is a great deal here that speaks to the nature and spirit of early 20th century Minnesota.

Based on the true story of a 1917 dog-sled race from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Saint Paul, Minnesota, a 522-mile-long stretch and part of the "Red River-St. Paul Sports Carnival Derby."


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The Basis of Freedom!

SEP 21, 2021

Michael Badnarik presented in this class in Houston on September 8th, 2001, only three days before the tragedy in New York City.

This 7 part series covers the basis of freedom and the Constitution of the United States of America, and additionally the begs the question...

"The question is: How bad do things have to get before you will do something about it?"


¡ Noncompliant !

SEP 21, 2021

Krisanne Hall is a Constitutional Attorney in Florida, and along with her husband are the creators of Liberty First Society. She will expand your knowledge and understanding of the rights of "WE THE PEOPLE"  to say "We will not Complie!" This should be the call out against those who wrongfully take power or misuse authourity granted to them.


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What Your Government Really Looks Like!

SEP 21, 2021

Do you know how your local government is supposed to work? How about, do you really know how you local government truly is operating?

In this video, with Tom DeWeese, Tom makes a clearer picture of what many of us have witnessed happening in the shadows across the nation of streamed/recorded city council meetings to schoolboard meetings.

"The Testing Time"

SEP 21, 2021

"When you reduce this album to its very essence you will find a love story told by the man in love. The man is Paul Harvey, his love is America. The tale he relates is not one of blind love, but the same type that a parent feels for its child... Now he (Paul Harvey) sees America, individually and collectively, weighed... and found wanting. This is a permanent record re-stating a basic conviction: It is not enough for us to be against...Americans desperately need something to be for...a reason to live and a reason to die. Young Americans at the early crossroads of life---mature Americans, grown complacent...all Americans must face up to the 'Testing Time'... However, nobody tells it as does Paul Harvey."


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From the White Pine Times


Occulted History and the Meanings of Words

By Silence Dogood

March 11, 2022

Occult’, adj. [Latin occultus, occulo; ob and celo, to conceal.]

  Hidden from the eye or understanding; invisible; secret; unknown; undiscovered; undetected; as the occult qualities of matter. Newton

  Why are words so important? Why is the origin of a word so important? Why is the definition and original intention of a word so important? Could it be possible that there is a hidden agenda to conceal the truth right before our eyes? Take, for example, the word ‘Occult.’ To hide. Most people, when they hear the word occult, they automatically think of something evil.


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Christians and a "Hands Off" Approach to Government

By Proverbs 3:8+9 Patriot

March 11, 2022

Part 1: Fear or Faith

 There seems to be this idea in America's churches today that Christians should be staying out of government, and horror of horrors, mustn't even dare to touch "politics". And if you do get involved or speak out about current events, you're accused of having a spirit of fear...


 "Trusting God" is not an excuse to keep you from doing not only what you can do, but that as a Christian, you are obligated to do. Nor is it an excuse to be in the dark about what is happening in the world or to pretend it's not happening. Instead of getting involved, we're all "trusting God" as we take time for our hobbies and entertainment. What if instead we trusted God while taking time to stand for truth and righteousness? What if we weren't afraid to make sacrifices and take risks because we know God is ultimately in control?

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Grand Jury System is Defended by Vindex

Shared March 11, 2022

Vindex Wants to Know What Is to Take Place of Grand Jury Investigation.


The Labor World (Newspaper)
Publish Date Oct. 1, 1904
Duluth, Minn., Sept. 29, 1904.

Mr. Editor:—
  The question of abolishing the grand jury in Minnesota is being agitated at this time. Recently I noticed in the newspaper a long list of opinions in reference-thereto, In which many per­sons seemed to favor the abolition of that ancient and time-honored body. Among the early founders of republics, where all power is supposed to ema­nate from the people, the grand jury is generally regarded as the representative element of government nearest to the populace to be governed.


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