Christians and a "hands off" approach to government

Part 1: Fear or Fatih?

by Proverbs 3:8+9 Patriot

March 11, 2022

  There seems to be this idea in America's churches today that Christians should be staying out of government, and horror of horrors, mustn't even dare to touch "politics". And if you do get involved or speak out about current events, you're accused of having a spirit of fear.

  Here at the meetings of The Committees of Restoration, the common feeling is not fear but frustration. "I can't get anyone from my church to come!" is the common cry. "And if I say anything, I'm labeled a 'conspiracy theorist', a person who instills fear, and someone who doesn't trust God. And then, I'm silently shunned!" One person told me, "It's like being part of an Amish community!" I'd like to ask such labelers, "When was the last time you read Ezekiel?" I mean really? If Ezekiel were prophesying today, most Christians would label him "a conspiracy theorist who instills fear instead of trusting God". The same would be true of most, if not all, of the other Old Testament prophets.

  I have a confession to make. Sometimes I struggle to get through some of the prophetic books in the Old Testament. Have you noticed that the large majority of the prophecies of the Old Testament is judgement? Most often, chapter after chapter is just judgement. Truth can hurt, but God never told us not to share truth because of that. I'm sure Ezekiel's and other prophecies were "controversial", "offended" people, and "instilled fear" in others.

  "Trusting God" has become a cop-out phrase. If your child was drowning in a dangerous river, would you stand at the edge of the bank and say in a very spiritual way, "I'm going to trust God," or would you, at the risk of your own life, jump in and try to save him or her? In which option would you really be trusting God? Trust and obedience always go together.

  Esther could have used this neat little phrase too. Israel was in a very bad predicament. They were going to be killed! Instead of risking her life by approaching the king, Esther could have said, "There's nothing I can do. My people are in God's hands. I'm just going to trust him." But is that what she did? No! She took the very small chance she had, and God blessed that.

  "Trusting God" is not an excuse to keep you from doing not only what you can do, but that as a Christian, you are obligated to do. Nor is it an excuse to be in the dark about what is happening in the world or to pretend it's not happening. Instead of getting involved, we're all "trusting God" as we take time for our hobbies and entertainment. What if instead we trusted God while taking time to stand for truth and righteousness? What if we weren't afraid to make sacrifices and take risks because we know God is ultimately in control?

Curious about the writers name!

While we don't know the specific choice behind the writers name, we have provided the refence here to aide some of your inquiry!

ESV, Proverbs 3:8+9

8Open your mouth for the mute,
for the rights of all who are destitute.
9Open your mouth, judge righteously,
defend the rights of the poor and needy.

NKJV, Proverbs 3:8+9

8Open your mouth for the speechless,
In the cause of all who are appointed to die.
9Open your mouth, judge righteously,
And plead the cause of the poor and needy.