Committees of Restoration

Old Cotton School | Tuesdays @ 6:30 P.M.
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Weekly Meetings

Join us! Our meetings are held each Tuesday at 6:30 PM in the cafeteria end of Old School Lives in Cotton, Minnesota (i.e. the old Cotton High School).

Connecting citizens locally while building a network of communities. Giving a voice to the people and a forum for their concerns.

Inspire citizens to become involved in their local communities.

Getting people active in their local communities.

Getting people active in their local school boards, city council meetings, county board meetings etc.


About Us

We are committees comprised of the citizenry, United as the People, restoring the process of civic engagement by revitalizing the spirit of community participation, while reinstilling timeless wholesome neighborly values and reinstituting the citizens safeguards that drive accountability against systematic overreach through direct local action via the proper effective role of the People.

Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon had visited the Northland to bring some of his own personal insights and information about some of the connections around the State of Minnesota. Trevor is researcher, author, activist and more.

Enjoy the Watch

Enjoy this hour speech and conversation that Trevor brings to northern Minnesota, given near Duluth.

Trevor Loudon's views are his own, but we apprieciate what he brings to help keep people informed on things typically that fly under the radar.

Consent of the Governed

Is "The People's Guide to Holding Government Accountable"

Instead of burning up phonelines and email boxes with empty threats of "if you vote for that, we might vote for you in two years!" (what is it's an unelected position?); and instead of switching or relying on political party idenities to "solve" the situation and are instead calling our representives (and alike) out where they know their power, positions and personal asses would be on the line?

This Book, like the title of chapter seven "EVERY POLITCIAN SHOULD FEAR THIS."

This book brings "The Answer to the question of real and substantial consequences — true accountablilty — has been under our nose the entire time."

"We Don't have to Wait For Elections"

— Author Jason W. Hoyt

To find out how we can connect you with a paperback copy, contact us over at

Watch! to learn more about awaits!

To find an audio copy or learn more about Hoyt's work, click on the button below to head over to Jason W. Hoyt's website.

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